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Welcome to the Misbah Foundation website, we are an organisation based in Kent, to serve and unite the Muslim community.  We welome and support all schools of thought, our focus is unity. Some of our activities include Madrasa, Muslim Scouts, Sports activites, outreach programs to name a few, please click the menu bar above to discover more.

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Misbah Academy

Misbah Academy has been set up as a community service for Muslim children in Medway and the surrounding areas.

The Academy aims to facilitate the teachings of Islam to give children a confident Islamic identity based upon knowledge and understanding.

By creating a positive learning environment and addressing the needs of students, the Academy seeks to develop character, manners and morals with a strong grasp of the teachings of the Quran.

The Academy provides a service to children of primary and secondary level, with boys and girls separated at secondary level due to the very different needs of the sexes.

Under 12s

Misbah Academy was created to bring together our young children and teach them all about our faith. Our long running under 12s is program is well established and successful in achieving this aim.
The children ages range between 5 and 11. Each child is placed in a group with their peers. Experienced staff teach Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies and Quran with Tajweed studies. Each subject is taught following a Safar Academy and Gateway curriculum. Each lesson lasts up to an hour with breaks between the three subjects. Physical exercise is as important as mental exercise and we use a playground for our students to relax, socialise and refresh before the new lesson begins.
With competent, experienced friendly staff the children bond well. They are well focused, happy and interactive during lessons. With extra parent volunteers, the children are constantly supervised and benefit from one on one attention during lessons. Help is always on hand for any students who may be struggling with a particular issue.


Our expert Quran teachers who have vast experience in teaching recitation and tajweed to children head the core Quran Studies. Volunteers who have tajweed knowledge are on hand to help children grasp the new concepts being taught. This aides in improving their Quranic recitation.


Safar Academy curriculum is engaged in teaching Islamic Studies to all the students. The subjects are broken down according to age and workbooks are used to test the child’s knowledge and understanding of the subject covered in class. Holiday projects are regularly set for the Under 12s in the form of a competition covering a specific topic or matter deemed important for the student’s knowledge gain.

12+ Boys and 12+ Girls

The Academy has started a program for our 12+boys and girls. We introduced a 12+ boys program in September 2014. We are expanding our 12+ girls program by increasing the opportunity for new teenage students to join our established class. Three core subjects taught are – Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies and Quran with Tajweed Studies. The school has developed it’s own curriculum with an emphasis on Spoken Arabic, basic commentary (tafsir) of selected surahs from Juz Amma, detailed explanation of selected Prophetic sayings from Imam an-Nawawi forty hadeeth collection, and an exposure to contemporary Muslim issues.

The opportunity for our teenagers to gain an increase in their Islamic knowledge in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with approachable staff, who, are capable of understanding the needs of our youth is paramount. Each lesson lasts an hour and we have procured the use of a sports hall for our 12+ boys. We strongly encourage physical exercise to complement the mental exercises performed during lesson time.


Arabic is based on the Gateway to Arabic series which facilitates learning for non-Arabic speakers as well as Arabic speakers. It is taught at a pace that children can work comfortably with experienced Arabic language teachers.

Where and when

The school runs every Saturday of school term time between 10am and 1pm.

Napier Community Primary and Nursery Academy

Napier Road



Admin FEE & Book FEE includes all admin work and all your childs text books for the year ahead :  £25

Weekly Tution FEE :  £7 per child per week

Term 1 & 2 £105
Term 1 from Saturday 5th September to Saturday 24th October 2015
Term 2 from Saturday 7th November to Saturday 19th December 2015


Payment is highly preferable via bank transfer, saving admin time and costs.

Please give your child’s surname as a reference.
Bank detaiks:

Al Rayan Bank (Islamic Bank of Britain)

Sortcode 30-00-83

Account no. 01258702

Payment can also be made at the school in cash or by cheque made payable to Misbah Academy.

Our Team



Atif was born and raised within the Medway area and has been practising Islam since 2005. He understands that Muslims are at a critical juncture in the West and is keen to instil confidence into young and old Muslims to be able to practise orthodox Islam and still be a productive member of society in the West.

He does not believe they are mutually exclusive. He is very excited to be a part of Misbah Academy, as he is passionate about setting a high standard of education for children and adults, were they will be able to flourish not only spiritually but also academically, resulting in creating a wholesome community.



I hope to be able to bring my overall experience and professionalism to the Misbah Foundation based on working in many areas of the Muslim community and overcoming the day to day challenges which we have faced. I also bring a sound knowledge of running a relatively large and multi faceted organisation, heading the Muslim community in Medway.

I also have experience and understanding of the administrative structure and tasks that will be required for the smooth running of an expanding organisation.



Ismael completed his degree in Computing in 1997 at University of Greenwich, followed by an MSc in Distributed Computer Systems in 1999. He has a rich work experience in the field of IT working for an airline company, merchandising agency , and Greenwich Healthcare.

 He has organised a International Conference on Non-Violence in 2005, and has won an award for his work in the area of interfaith work.

Since joining the Medway community, Ismael has been actively involved in running Islamic circles in Jamiah mosque in Gillingham. He is very keen to inculcate in his students the importance of developing a sound relationship with one’s Creator, the society at large, and one’s inner self. Ismael hopes to produce Misbah academy graduates that performs excellently in their future careers, whilst being at the service of humanity to help improve people’s wellbeing..



Zulfi has developed a career over the past 20 years in property development. He has been involved in identifying new business opportunities for the affordable housing sector. He also has experience in appraising and developing strategies for various land use within local government guidelines and has been responsible for the timely completion of a number of commercial and residential projects in and around the city of London. His particular skill set includes value engineering, ensuring profitability and providing value for money.

Zulfi has also been involved in setting up a variety of different businesses, including retailing, catering and exporting construction equipment to the middle East. He is now looking to apply his commercial experience in making Misbah foundation a successful charity offering support where needed and education to a diverse range of individuals within the Muslim community.

I believe that with the cooperation and engagement of our wider community, coupled with outstanding teaching and learning facilities we can also create a world class affordable Arabic and Islamic education facility within the Medway towns.



Umme Osama ( Samira Zubair)
Umme Osama has a rich experience in teaching and curriculum development.After graduating from the University of Kent in Accounting she completed a PGCE in Secindary level Mathematics and was given the opportunity to teach in Saudi Arabia in different international schools giving her considerable exposure to different curriculums. Since returning to the Uk in 2004, she established and currently runs a tuition centre teaching students from age 7 to 16.
As one of the founders of the first sister’s Islamic circle in Medway in 2004, she has been able to apply her teaching experience in developing sisters to bringing Islam into their lives at every level. Focusing on developing individuals to being active contributors to a healthy community is her aim. The provision of an Islamic education for children is fundamental to community progression and she would like to apply her skills and experience in this area, helping produce competent teachers in the Islamic field.



Malik Zubair is the Director Community Development & Social Cohesion. He has an MBA in Marketing and M.S in Digital Systems from Brunel University.

He has worked for 20 years in Test and Measurement Industry and has got the rich experience of International sales and marketing of Hewlett Packard, Agilent and Yokogawa Test & Measurement and Communication Systems. He worked as Country Sales Manager for Mushko Electronics in Pakistan where he was responsible for the business development of Hewlett Packard electronics systems. He moved to Saudi Arabia where he was managing the key accounts like MOD, Aramco & Saudi Telecom Company. In UK he was managing the global accounts including BAE, Thales, General Dynamics and Philips.

Currently Malik Zubair is involved in training, community development and charity work. He is also the chairmen of a charity Hope for Pakistan.
He has been a key participant in Islamic activities, youth circles, study groups, community events, fund raising and social work in Medway.



Fayaz is an experienced certified Scrum Master and certified in Prince 2 project management. A seasoned IT Applications Manager with a proven track record of success and over 20 years of solid industry experience, specialising in improved delivery, people management and IT production & development management.

I believe that Misbah Foundation is a step change for Islamic knowledge and character building to deliver quality education to adults and children alike. I see Misbah Foundation being a much needed beacon of light within Medway for the Muslims to empower them with the knowledge and understanding that our faith demands us to have.



Javed has vast experience treating neck pain , back pain and sports injuries. He has held the position of advisory Physiotherapist for the British Brain and Spine Foundation London Telegraph Marathon Team and guest lectured at the University of East London. Javed was invited to act as consultant physiotherapist to Gillingham FC and continued to offer advice in the local media .In January 2012, Javed was invited to lecture at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons to a world wide audience on ankle injuries.



Khosru completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 at Southbank Polytechnic and an MSc at the Cranfield Institute of Technology in 1992. In 1998 he completed his PhD from Brunel University and was awarded the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Award for the best technical papers published in the Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics.

Khosru is a registered Mentor with the IMechE and also a School Ambassador with SETPOINT/MEBP where he helps to promote the profession to local schools. He is also a member of the Shishu Kishor Club (SKC) where he helps to facilitate various community projects including; Language/Educational classes, Seminars and Educational Trips.

Misbah Sports

The Vision of Misbah sports is to bring together the community to promote botherhood and create an alternative outlet in a a halal environment.

  • Weekly sports activities
  • Cycling clubs
  • Badminton Games
  • Sports for all ages

We currently run a weekly fun sports evening at the university

Contact Javed@misbahfoundation.com

Misbah Scouts

  • Having Scouts within Medway is an amazing oppertunity for my children, they can finally bond and do adventurous activities within a halal environment.

    Beavers Parent
  • My Son goes every week, and comes back buzzing with exitement.

    Cubs Parent

Misbah Scouts are the only Muslim Scouts in Kent.
We currently run a Beavers and Cubs group out of Gillingham

 Contact Faheem@misbahfoundation.com